Weddings are a memory that should be kept for life. We like to take a natural approach to catching your magical moment. Usually we work as a duo to ensure that we have the best chance at catching every moment including those images with a beautiful smile or loving laugh.
We have previously designed tailored packages however, in our opinion, everyone is just so different so we shouldn't categorize couples into those packages! We understand not every wedding will be the same and everyone values something a little different from another. 
Please get in contact with us and brain storm your vision with us and we will give you a quote!

What we can offer...

  • Two photographers to capture your day. However, this is optional should you wish to be more desecrate. Please remember what one photographer doesn't capture the other might!

  • We can provide prints, canvases, CD's and photo books depending on needs or we can provide you the images at a high quality for you to use your own printing companies and/or designers.

  • We can be available for any length of time needed. We can work out with you in advance how much of the day you want us to capture and work out hours from there. 

Important things to note with our wedding work...

  • All our editing is included in all of the packages - there is no additional cost for time to complete this process. 

  • We do not specify a minimum or maximum amount of images we will provide you. If they are all beautiful then why not have them?  We believe there is never too many and there should be no minimum or maximum to define as each wedding is different. However, we do guarantee that we will be giving you images at the end! 

  • All our services come with a contract that will/must be signed by both parties. We do also require a deposit subject to T&C's